Dear Colleagues, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

The 23rd International Symposium on Metastable, Amorphous and Nanostructured Materials (ISMANAM 2016) has come to its end. One more flag has been put up on the ISMANAM World map. Including the accompanying persons there were nearly 300 attendees from 27 countries. The percentage diagram by country is shown below:

The diagram with attendees from the European Union grouped together is shown below:

ISMANAM has always been a dynamic and pleasant event where we enjoy meeting up with our colleagues, friends and associates from all over the world and it was not an exception this time. I was very pleased to see here many old friends and colleagues with whom we have long-standing collaborative activities, learning exchanges and, also, social relationships.

The Symposium program was rich and varied with insightful Plenary and Keynote lectures, Oral and Poster presentations related to the new developments in Metals and Alloys, Metallic Glasses, Oxide Glasses, Crystalline Ceramics, Quasicrystals, Polymers and other materials. I would like to emphasize excellent talks on Mathematics-Materials Science Collaboration; Multicomponent Metallic Alloys; Glassy Crystal Composites; Nanoporous Materials; Supercritical Hydrothermal Synthesis; Excellent MD simulation results; Kinetics of Phase Transformations in line with many other nice presentations including two state of the art HRTEM research works on Dislocation/GB Interaction and on Local Atomic Order in Metallic Glasses, which I would like to especially emphasize.

(The summary of the scientific aspects was continued by Ken KELTON and Sergey KALOSHKIN).

At the Steering Committee Meeting the ISMANAM Senior Scientist Award (from this year renamed to the Senior Scientist Award after A.R. Yavari) was given to Prof. Maria Dolors BARÓ from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain while the Young Scientist Award was given to Dr. Sergey KETOV from WPI AIMR, Tohoku University, Japan.

Following a vote by the Local Organizing and National Advisory Committee as well as the Steering Committee members, the Outstanding Poster Awards at ISMANAM 2016 were given to:

  • Yuta MUKAI from the University of Hyogo, Japan for “Effects of Shot Peening on Structure and Mechanical Properties of Zr-Cu-Ni-Al(-Au) Bulk Metallic Glasses”
  • Wei ZHANG from Dalian University of Technology, China for “Synthesis and Properties of Al-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses with Large Supercooled Liquid Region”
  • Guoqiang XIE from Tohoku University, Japan for “Fabrication and Characterization of Biodegradable Mg-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses”
  • Morgane MOKHTARI from Université de Lyon, France and Tohoku University, Japan for “Microstructure Characterization Along the Process of Nanoporous Metal Made by Dealloying in Metalic Melt Bath by Xray Tomography and SEM-EBSD”
  • Kooknoh YOON from Seoul National University, Korea for “Synthesis of Porous Metal by Liquid Metal Dealloying Process”.

It is also my pleasure to announce that Prof. Sergey Kaloshkin from the National University of Science and Technology MISiS, Russia was elected as a new Member of the Steering Committee. The updated list of the ISMANAM Steering Committee is:

  • Prof. M. Atzmon, USA
  • Prof. M.D. Baró, Spain
  • Prof. W.J. Botta, Brazil
  • Prof. A. Calka, Australia
  • Prof. M. Chen, Japan/China
  • Prof. J. Eckert, Germany
  • Prof. G.A. Evangelakis, Greece
  • Prof. A.L. Greer, UK (Chairman)
  • Prof. A. Inoue, Japan
  • Prof. K. Kelton, USA (Deputy Chairman)
  • Prof. S. Kaloshkin, Russia
  • Prof. T. Kulik, Poland
  • Prof. J. Löffler, Switzerland
  • Prof. N. Lupu, Romania
  • Prof. J. Perepezko, USA
  • Prof. K. Samwer, Germany
  • Prof. P. Tiberto, Italy

Once again, it is with deep sorrow that we acknowledge that one of ISMANAM’s founding fathers, Professor Alain Yavari, is no longer with us on this day. We commemorated his life and all of his contributions to science and this world at the Memorial Session organized with the help of Konstantinos Georgarakis.

As the Chairman of ISMANAM 2016, I would like to thank all of our generous sponsors who have helped to make the Symposium affordable for all the participants, the Steering Committee members, the Local Organizing and National Advisory Committee members, Mrs. Iimura from Kasugano Forum, Mrs. Tsuge from Nara Visitors Bureau, Mr. Kamata and Ms. Haruna from JTB Tohoku and the Symposium Secretariat members who have worked with us in planning and organizing both the technical program and the supporting social arrangements.

But mostly I’d like to thank you, the participants, as the Symposium would not have been possible otherwise. We genuinely thank you for your participation and involvement in ISMANAM’s success. We hope that you found the Symposium and your stay in Nara both fruitful and enjoyable.

The venue of ISMANAM 2017 is in San Sebastian, Spain. The organizer is Prof. Arkady Zhukov who made a presentation of the forthcoming meeting to be held in the Miramar palace.

San Sebastian Bay

Symposium venue