As is the tradition of the ISMANAM Symposium the annual ISMANAM Prizes will be awarded at the Symposium dinner.

Senior Scientist Award: This distinction will honor a person with a brilliant research career and/or with outstanding scientific contributions to any of the topics covered by the Symposium.

Young Scientist Award: This prize will distinguish a Symposium participant not older than 35 years of age, with an excellent curriculum within the Symposium scientific topics.

Outstanding Posters Awards will also be given.

  • Senior Scientist Award 2016 Winner
    Prof. Maria Dolors BARÓ, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
  • Young Scientist Award 2016 Winner
    Dr. Sergey KETOV, WPI-AIMR, Tohoku University, Japan.

The Outstanding Poster Awards:


  • Yuta MUKAI from the University of Hyogo, Japan for “Effects of Shot Peening on Structure and Mechanical Properties of Zr-Cu-Ni-Al(-Au) Bulk Metallic Glasses”,
  • Wei ZHANG from Dalian University of Technology, China for “Synthesis and Properties of Al-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses with Large Supercooled Liquid Region”,
  • Guoqiang XIE from Tohoku University, Japan for “Fabrication and Characterization of Biodegradable Mg-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses”,
  • Morgane MOKHTARI from Université de Lyon, France and Tohoku University, Japan for “Microstructure Characterization Along the Process of Nanoporous Metal Made by Dealloying in Metalic Melt Bath by Xray Tomography and SEM-EBSD”,
  • Kooknoh YOON from Seoul National University, Korea for “Synthesis of Porous Metal by Liquid Metal Dealloying Process”.

Previous ISMANAM Senior Scientist Award winners:

A. Inoue (1994),
W.L. Johnson (1995),
A. R. Yavari (1996),
A. Hernando (1997),
B. Cantor (1998),
A. Y. Yermakov (1999),
A.L. Greer (2000),
U. Köster (2001),
P. G. McCormick (2002),
R. B. Schwarz (2003),
J. Perepezko (2004),
L. Schultz (2005),
T. Egami (2006),
L. Battezzati (2007),
K. Samwer (2008),
R. Bormann (2009),
K. F. Kelton (2010),
E. Ma (2011),
J. Eckert, (2012),
M.W. Chen (2013),
M. Umemoto (2014) and
J. Loffler (2015).

Previous ISMANAM Young Scientist Award winners:

Jürgen Eckert (1995),
Thomas Klassen (1997),
Ke Lu (1998),
Jianzhong Jiang (1999),
Dmitri Louzguine (2002),
Annett Gebert (2004),
Jordi Sort (2005),
Hongwei (Howard) Sheng (2006),
Mihai Stoica (2007),
Ran Li (2009),
Konstantinos Georgarakis (2010),
Rocío Ranchal (2011),
Junqiang Wang (2012),
Jordina Fornell (2014),
Simon Pauly (2015)